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LIVE 3-Day Challenge!!!


Beat Stagflation and Gain the Edge

It is successful people who are able to SHIFT your thinking, not those who set their minds on something...

((So You Can Reach Your Financial Dreams Faster, No Matter How Weird the Economy Gets...))


October 12th, 2022 at 4 pm PST!

A Mindset is one that is rigid...BUT a MindSHIFT is one where great possibilities are found.

These are shortcuts to living a life of miracles, MUCH more prosperity and magic...


Do you want to know the real scoop?

The sky is not falling, life as we know it isn’t in peril—and NOW might be better than ever for gaining that edge!

As Robert Kiyosaki says: The best time of all - when building a business during any recession (that's happening right now) --to get your mind shifted into gear and do those things “in the right direction."

What's really happening right now is a massive wealth transfer. In other words, in every recession or time of upheaval, wealth transfers from those who are unprepared to those "in the know."

To get on the right side of this wealth transfer, it's really more about having good financial education.

It's about gaining your unique edge to handling whatever is coming at you - mindwise and prosperity wise.

Are YOU ready with me on this journey to gain the edge towards success, and "get in the know"…especially since everyone else seems so eager to run away from their problems instead?!

Ready Now for the Secrets?

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Grab Re-Write Your AutoBiography of Money! If you ever wanted to be prosperous and knew that you had blocks, but couldn’t determine what holds you back or suspected that something in your past was holding you back, this workbook will help you unleash your abundance and give you the ability to re-write your money history right now!!! Hundreds have used these techniques and have gotten new jobs, raises, free vacations and manifested new cars, new houses and new relationships. You can change your hereditary poverty into prosperity!

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Gain New Teachings and Ways of Doing

You will learn new ways of thinking, being and doing to help push you to your next level of miracle making

Start Implementing Techniques Immediately

Sheevaun will teach you techniques and methods to help usher more prosperity into your life on an every day basis

Join A Supportive Community!

Join us and learn what it is like to have a group of like-minded folks pushing you and rooting for you every day!


Earlier today I wasn't sure what I wanted to achieve and now I know. Thank You for getting that out of me!

-- Hana


Thank you so much for today!!!

It was so very perfect for me.


-- Kate


This is so awesome of you to put together and share all this wonderful information with us. So grateful for this opportunity!! 💕🌺

-- Denise


I love these challenges. There’s something truly magical about them. I remember all the ones you did through thick of covid. I think these were a huge part of my health and success during that time.



Thank you this has been awesome 🙏💜🙏💜🙏

-- Michelle


Wow! I get so “stressed”, and never thought about the good stress turning bad. New perspective on taking action on the ideas!! Thank u!!❤️💕😊

-- Angela


  • How to undo those pesky negative thought patterns
  • ​What you can do to begin achieving the results you want every day
  • ​​How to change your old and stagnant habits into your true, aligned self on a daily basis
  • How you can break free of the Negative Scripts that have kept you stuck in mediocrity once and for all!
  • Proven step-by-step mental exercises that will challenge you and force you to step out of your comfort zone and into your most prosperous self.
  • Understanding your purpose and aligning yourself with it can help you live a fulfilling life...
  • ...and achieve great success at anything that you set your mind to
  • ​​...And sooo much more!!

Just as you are what you eat, what you feed your brain is so important. 

With all the news and media telling us how bad things are supposed to be economically, the Prosperity Challenge has been an amazing way to reframe our mindset, help us curate our thoughts and create a completely different reality. 

-- Susan

What You Will Receive...

  • 3 LIVE VIDEO COACHING CALLS WITH SHEEVAUN MORAN - You will be able to ask all your questions and learn about what is keeping you from that next level
  • NEVER shared releasing technique that fueled a six-figure new client offer for one of the participants
  • STEPS AND GUIDANCE on how to shift your energy in the fastest path to prosperity
  • DAILY CHALLENGES to push you towards your ultimate goal
  • ​ACCESS to these live recordings to watch at your leisure (for a short period though!)
  • REAL TECHNIQUES to reveal your aligned goals and purpose
  • ​UNSTICK where you're stuck and a proven path forward
  • SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY with a like-minded conscious group of entrepreneurs who want as much for you as they do for themselves.
  • 1 CALL With Our Success Team
  • A Prosperity Audio that will most certainly keep you on track
Who is Sheevaun Moran?

Sheevaun Moran is a business advisor, master coach, and energetic thought leader. Energetic Solutions® was founded to help entrepreneurs and individuals alike to achieve amazing results using uncommon ancient principles. Most people call her their

Spiritual Business Warrior

She has helped over 25,000 entrepreneurs, CEO's and leaders achieve freedom, flow in the business and life. When entrepreneurs feel they can’t go further amid challenges and multiple odds, Sheevaun’s techniques and principles bring clarity, simplicity and profits. Her clients are rewarded with the ability to become that extra force they need to succeed.

Having gone through the travails of the her own near death experience and surviving the Pharmaceutical industry, Sheevaun understands this high value targets and intense pressure to achieve the result perfectly well and has been able combine her corporate experience, rapid growth expertise and also a uniquely different approach to lift entrepreneurs from the dredges of sick of it all, stuck and stagnation.

She uses business building combined with energetic techniques and principles to help one accelerate and innovate. This unique methodology helps bring instant focusing and shifts to clarity, purpose and profits while in contribution.

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